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Want to reach your audience without delay? The answer is live streaming!

At Foxtail Productions in Toowoomba, we provide professional live streaming services for businesses throughout SEQ (Toowoomba, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast) and Australia-wide. Our videographers shoot with high-definition cameras to ensure your live stream is broadcasted in picture-perfect quality. You have the choice of the live stream being hosted on your own website, via a popular streaming platform, or we can create a customised event page. Best of all, you can embed the live stream on multiple websites in order to increase viewer numbers.

Advertising your business live is an exciting and engaging way to reach potential customers. And with us by your side, we’ll make it as easy as possible. Call us today on (07) 4637 8852 to book an in-person or online consultation.

Note: We can edit (and improve) existing live streams or edit clips to suit shorter formats.

Live streaming on social media is a cost-effective and immediate way of reaching prospective customers. We produce live and post-production videos.

Looking to promote a new product? Our experienced videographers can help you do it live or in the studio—the choice is yours!

“Coming to you live from our event!” Whether you want to live stream a business event or post it later, our videographers can produce either.

Professional Live Streaming Benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Live streaming is a great way to hold an event virtually for people who cannot attend in person, whether due to COVID restrictions or to allow an interstate or international audience to attend.
The main difference is that there isn’t much room for editing and the results are streamed live as if the audience were actually in attendance. Foxtail Productions has industry-leading directors who have worked in live news broadcast environments for decades, plus we can have multi-camera live switching as a part of your live stream to make it more professional like a TV show! We can stream to any platform including YouTube, Vimeo, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Twitch.