Foxtail in 60 seconds

Foxtail Productions is a full-scale, full service, award winning innovative production company based in Queensland, operating Australia wide. With extensive experience in video production, directing, script writing, branding & post production all under the one roof.

We are not just another production company. We have been molding, crafting and fine tuning our custom process to ensure we deliver the highest quality content and strategies for our clients. Our end goal is simple, we like to push the boundaries and innovate while providing an experienced, collaborative environment.

The Foxtail team has a reputation for being highly creative, hardworking and efficient. Whether we are working on branding, marketing, television commercials, corporate/promotional videos or aerial/drone footage, our custom process and experience has ensured we deliver professional, high impact, quality productions on time and on budget to our clients.

Foxtail owns and operates with the latest camera systems including a RED Digital Cinema, allowing us unrestricted creativity. We are also a fully licensed REOC production company, our drone operators are certified and licensed by CASA to fly anywhere in Australia.

We love creating emotive cinematic stories that give our clients a three dimensional brand. Every company needs quality engaging content that is relevant for all mediums and platforms. We handle all aspects of the production, we plan, we produce and we deliver the content that consumers want to see, all with high production value, strategic planning and streamlined delivery.

There is no job too big or too small – we tell the stories of the big and the small brands