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Filming medical surgery — Video Production Services in Toowoomba

Foxtail Productions is a full-scale, full service, award winning, innovative production company based in
Queensland, operating Australia-wide. With over 40 years’ of experience in video production, directing, script writing, branding & post production, our expertise is unrivalled. We have been moulding, crafting and fine tuning our custom processes to we deliver the highest quality content and strategies for our clients. Foxtail Productions owns and operates with the latest camera systems including a red digital cinema camera, allowing us unrestricted creativity. We are also a fully licensed REOC production company, our drone operators are certified and licensed by CASA to fly anywhere in Australia. There is no job too big or too small
– we tell the stories of the big and the small brands with passion and excellence.
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We are not just another production company. We are a team of cinematographers, animators, drone pilots—and overall creatives. Every business needs eye-catching content to stand out, which is why we’re proud to offer a wide range of corporate video production services for clients throughout SEQ (Toowoomba, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast) and Australia-wide.

At Foxtail Productions, we take business advertising to the next level. Call us today on (07) 4637 8852 to book an online or in-person consultation.

The Creative Team

Amy — Video Production Services in Toowoomba


Amy is an award winning dop, she has always had an eye for stunning visuals and a knack for emotive storytelling. A love for capturing beautiful imagery has seen Amy win multiple awards for cinematography for large branding campaigns. With the desire to be immersed wholeheartedly in the entire production, Amy is also a fully licensed CASA drone operator.

Rocco — Video Production Services in Toowoomba


Rocco’s career began over 30 years ago at the forefront of live news production in commercial, news and outside broadcast, creating a solid skill base for all facets of television and advertising industries. Rocco is a hands on director and relishes working with clients to maximize their potential with all facets of advertising and branding. Rocco has seen it all when it comes to TV Advertising and has the experience to guide clients throughout the creative process to bring their ideas to fruition.
Nathan — Video Production Services in Toowoomba


Nathan is a young, enthusiastic and skilled camera operator, editor and CASA licensed drone pilot. As an in-house camera operator and editor, Nathan continues to expand his skill set within Foxtail by having the opportunity to work on small to large branding campaigns. With a superb eye for detail, Nathan is a perfectionist and insists on sprinkling that little bit extra on every brief to give the concept an extra bit of flare

Justin — Video Production Services in Toowoomba



Justin has been in the industry for over 10 years, His experience stretches from producing scripts and concepts right through to extensive detailed animation. His dedication, work ethic and pace are one of the pillars of our entire company. Being an in-house producer and animator allows the entire team to collaborate creatively every day and enhance every production.
Enzo — Video Production Services in Toowoomba


Enzo might be the smallest of our creative team but he is also the most stubborn, loud and courageous. His weakness is strangers, but when he warms up to you, you’ve got a friend for life. He loves a good fry up on the BBQ and he wont say no to a sausage in bread! He always contributes where he can and continues to be loyal, understanding and the best looking rooster we employ.

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