Mama Mia!

We love working with the Empire Theater! Foxtail regularly produces graphic TV Commercials promoting upcoming shows, but for this particular project the girls wanted to take it up a notch. The brief was to have the cast starting in the main street at the scatter crossing and making their way towards the theater, extra cast would join them along the journey.

To get the shots we wanted for the commercial we needed camera stabilization. On lower budget shoots we would normally use the Ronin-S which is a small electronic gimbal camera stabilizer. On this shoot we were using the Red Digital Cinema Scarlet W 5K camera, this is a much heavier, professional, high-end camera system that requires a much larger electronic gimbal or steadicam.

We love using the Steadicam!

As a Steadicam operator you control the camera, unlike electronic gimbals where the camera controls you. It takes much more skill to operate a Steadicam and we love the look we get with it. Unlike electronic gimbals, you cant just pick one of these up and start shooting, you need years of practice.

On the day we had over 20 cast to direct and coordinate. The Mama Mia directors we worked with were fantastic and open to any ideas we threw at them! We love it when we can collaborate and work through ideas to get the best shots!

Make sure you check out Mama Mia at The Empire Theater, its going to be a wicked show!

Check out the final edit below!

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