Producing a documentary in 5 days

We were handed the task to produce a 30-45 min documentary on one of the most influential people in the world, and you wont even know his name.

Master Chin Kung

It was a huge task, Master Chin Kung is in his 90’s and the dedicated following he had wanted to document his life and what he had achieved in all of those years. Master Chin Kung has studied Buddhism and Philosophy all of his life and believes that Buddhism is the answer to world peace.

Master Chin Kung helped pioneer the use of radio and TV broadcasting, satellites, the Internet and other forms of modern media in propagating Buddhism in Taiwan. In 2002 he was awarded an Honorary Professorship from the University of Queensland, Australia and an Honorary Doctorate from Griffith University, Australia.

We spent five days with the Master in Hong Kong. Both Nathan and I do not speak the language, so it was extremely difficult to communicate, even more challenging was conducting interviews with Master Chin Kung and his students via an interpreter.

We shot in their studio where Master Chin Kung broadcasts from everyday, which was kitted out with an Arri Alexa for daily videos.

We shot all of our interviews and vision on the Red Digital Cinema Scarlet W 5K, which is a breathtaking camera to work with. We used the red in various configurations, from studio to run and gun style on the streets of Hong Kong.

We had the opportunity to travel to some iconic tourist and religious locations including the Big Buddha

This trip, and the opportunity to tell Master Chin Kung’s amazing story would not have been possible without Pureland Learning Center which is based in Toowoomba. Haniff and Meling are two of the most genuine, pure and beautiful people we have ever met, they were with us every step of the way! They also insisted we tried some of the local cuisine.

Visiting Hong Kong with Pureland was one of the most unique experiences the Foxtail team has ever had. We ate vegetarian meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and we were surrounded by the Buddhist Monk’s way of life from dusk till dawn. It was truly amazing to be surrounded by such selfless beautiful people.

Travelling to Hong Kong and being welcomed into a community the way we were was indescribable, this is a memory we will both cherish.

I hope you enjoyed a behind the scenes look at our trip to Hong Kong. As you go about your day, here is a quote from Buddha, the man himself “The mind is everything. What you think you become”

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